Classic Masters

   quality classical recordings

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Professional quality recordings, specialising in classical and acoustic music, Greater Sydney Metro area.

About us


David Connor

David was trained in classical piano and commenced working as a recording engineer in 1981, recording music for release and film in most major studios in Sydney.  He currently consults in audio systems for theatre, stadia, and performance spaces, and indulges his love of music with Classic Masters.

David Gilfillan

David Gilfillan studied musicology at UNSW and Electro-acoustics at Sydney University and plays trombone and banjo.  David has been a sound designer for theatre shows and now consults in audio systems for acoustically difficult environments.  He began recording audio with Greg White in the 1980s before being lured into live audio and consulting.


They took a hard job and made it seem easy.  Great value for money.  Thanks guys.

The recording was excellent.  They were on time.  The choir sounded sweeeet and the image was very solid.

Much appreciation for your skills and lovely collegial manner, and we will look to dates for recording the second CD.


All recordings use 24 bit / 48 kHz  sampling and Neumann microphones.